How do I become a Member of GDWCAR?

Your license must be active in TREC and sponsored by a Brokerage/Broker that holds membership with GDWCAR. You will then fill out an application located on our website under "Membership" click "Join."

Which Application should I fill out?

If you hold a Broker License, please fill out an application under the BROKER section that is best suited for your membership. If you hold a Real Estate License please fill out an application under the LICENSEE section that is best suited for your membership, and finally, if you are wishing to join as an affiliate (Inspector, Pest Control, Lender, Title Company, Roofing, etc.) you will fill out an application under the AFFILIATE section that is best suited for your membership.

What fees are associated with membership?

Each member will need to pay dues to the Local Association, Texas REALTORS®, and The National Association of REALTORS®, These Dues are invoiced annually. They will also need to pay for their MLS Services which is a quarterly fee.

As an Affiliate Member can I obtain a SUPRA Key?

YES, if you hold an inspector’s or Pest Control License.

Do Affiliates have to attend the Mandatory Orientation Class?

NO, only REALTOR® Members.

What is NAVICA?

GDWCAR’s Association Management Service software.

When would an Affiliate or REALTOR® Member use the NAVICA Username and Password?

They may use their credentials to log in to make online payments (Annual Dues and/or MLS Fees) or register for any events or classes GDWCAR is hosting.

Can I join GDWCAR if my Real Estate License is Inactive?

You must have an Active Real Estate License or Broker’s License to become a member of GDWCAR. Please check the Texas Real Estate Commissions website at

I filled out the GDWCAR Application online why can’t I schedule my Mandatory Orientation Class?

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email with your NRDS Number (National REALTOR® Database System – this number identifies you at the National Association of REALTORS® level and will be used throughout your career.) You will log in to Navica using your username and password given and sign up for an orientation date.

I filled out an Application online how long does it take before someone contacts me?

It usually takes 2 business days to process your application.

How do I update my contact information (email, phone, address) in MLS, Navica, NRDS?

Please visit our website at under "Membership" click "Forms", under “General Forms” complete a Change of Contact Form.

I have transferred Brokerages within GDWCAR, and the new broker is an Active member with GDWCAR as well. How do I update my office information?

Please visit our website at under "Membership" click "Forms", under “General Forms” complete an Agent Status Change Request form.

I am stepping away from Real Estate how do I cancel my membership?

Please fill out the Agent Status Change Request form located on our website under forms so that we may inactivate your membership quickly and swiftly.



What is MLS?
The acronym stands for Multiple Listing Service.
Why do I need MLS services?
This is the platform in which you will enter data for the listings your clients want you to sell.  It provides information to other MLS users as to the specifics of the property being sold.  It is where you will look for listings that your buyers want to purchase.  It is a venue for offering compensation to others for their representation of a buyer in the sale of real property.
How often do I pay MLS fees?
MLS Fees are always due before the first day of each calendar quarter.

How do I join MLS?
To provide services to your clients you will need to purchase user rights to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Our service provider is NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems).  Service fees are paid quarterly for MLS privileges.

The GDWCAR application includes the required information for MLS services and part of your membership requires that you participate in the MLS services through your Broker.

Service fees for NTREIS MLS are paid on a quarterly basis through our GDWCAR Association Management Service (AMS) software at, using your username (NRDS # - 9 digits) and password. (Last Name with First letter Capitalized).  You will receive an email reminder, but it is your sole responsibility to remember this payment quarterly.



How can I make payments on outstanding invoices?
Our Navica AMS (Association Management Software) allows you to access your account 24/7.  Simply sign in here ( and enter the required information.  You can find your outstanding invoices and pay online or print an invoice and send or bring in a check.



How do I get a SUPRA Key?

Only the members who are individuals with licenses held through TREC are eligible to lease a SUPRA key.


Supra is a separate company and all billing is done through them after your initial application is done through GDWCAR.  After joining you will need a Supra key there is an additional fee, you may either come to the office for set up or you may complete this task over the phone with a knowledgeable staff member.


I changed phones and I need a new authorization code.  Where do I get this code?

Please contact GDWCAR at 940-387-8212 and one of our empowering staff members will obtain an authorization code for you.
If our office is closed you can provide the email address or phone number along with your PIN number and Supra will send the authorization code directly to you


I upgraded my smartphone and my key fob won’t work on the new phone.  What do I need to do?

The key fobs are an actual purchase and not leased.  Supra's Fob instructions can be found here.

What if my lockbox battery dies while the lockbox is on the door?

You have a couple of options, you may remove the handle or cut the shackle to release the lockbox, then bring it to the GDWCAR office for exchange under the warranty.  (The warranty applies only to BT LE Lockbox)


Where can I get a shackle or Key container replacement?

GDWCAR REALTOR® Store stocks replacement part for an additional cost.



What Committees are available?
Member Relations
Government Affairs
(Click here for the committee descriptions)
Why should I get involved?
Many members do not realize that the association is governed completely by its member volunteers.  By serving others you will gain knowledge from those who have been the decision-makers and creators of policy years before you.  This is invaluable to your business and can prepare you to succeed where others cannot.