Media Purging Policy

  1. Expired – 6 months after a property reaches this status all photos, except primary will be purged, including all non-picture media

  2. Cancelled – 6 months after all photos except the primary will be purged, including all non-picture media

  3. Sold/Leased - All photos will be kept indefinitely. 30 days after all non-picture media will be purged.

Cancelled & Expired listings older than 3 years are automatically purged.

Non-pic Media consists of tours and documents.

GDWCAR MLS Coordinator

The MLS Coordinator is here to assist you with the Matrix platform, help correct Data Checker violations according to the NTREIS Rules and Regulations.

You can easily contact the MLS Coordinator via email at

We do not offer legal or broker advice, however, you can always reach out to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) at 512.936.3000 or Texas Realtors Legal Hotline at 800.873.9155 for legal questions. 




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