2020 Supra DisplayKEY and iBox Exchange

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Friends don’t let friends use out-of-date Supra technology!

Do you know someone with the older Supra iBox or a DisplayKEY? Please share this with them! Did you miss the MANDATORY DisplayKEY exchange on February 24th?

You will need to stop into the board office to exchange your key to ensure your service is not disrupted.

We cannot guarantee service after March 6th!

Please bring:

  • Your old DisplayKEY to trade-in for your new key

  • Your DisplayKEY cradle

  • A credit card you wish to put on file with Supra

  • If you’re switching to the phone app: Your smartphone with the "Supra eKey" app downloaded

For more information regarding the eKey options, click here. For more information regarding the XpressKEY option, click here.

The old Supra iBoxes are not Bluetooth compatible and Supra has given us an unexpected second opportunity to trade in your old boxes for brand new iBox BT LE's! In order to exchange your boxes, they must currently meet the following criteria:

  1. Boxes must be programmed under your name.

  2. Boxes must be in our Association's inventory.

  3. Your account with Supra and the Association must be in good standing.

(If you are not sure if your box meets the requirements, you can call the office with the serial number on the side of the box, and we can look it up before you head out!)

You will have until March 6th, 2020 to come by the board office and exchange them. So hunt them down, gather them, and stop into the board office for an exchange.

If you have more than 10, we ask that you please contact the association first to make sure we have time at that moment to meet with you to exchange them, otherwise, simply come in before 11:30 am or after 1:00 pm Monday through Friday for a free exchange!

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