August's MLS Quick Tip Recap

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Here are August's MLS Quick Tips:


Understanding Days on Market

When you switch your listing to “Temporarily Off Market” (TOM).

This pauses “Days on Market” (DOM) and “Cumulative Days on Market” (CDOM) until the listing is put back to “Active” or defaults to the expiration date.

When you switch your listing to “Cancelled”.

Resets the DOM and CDOM after 31 days. All statuses including “Coming Soon” and “New Listing” must be entered after 31 days to reset DOM and CDOM.

(Please be sure you have the correct paperwork to cancel any listing, which your Broker has permission to do.)

Want to learn more about the various statuses in MLS? Watch our "Life of a Listing" video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/EVpCmTGsVwQ


Did you know?

Once a listing agent leaves a Broker, the listing agent will no longer have access to the listing since the Broker owns the listing. As the owner of the listing, the Broker/Supervisor has the access and responsibility to close out the listing timely. The proper protocol in this situation is for the original listing agent to provide the Broker/Supervisor with the closing information as soon as possible. Once the information is received the Broker/Supervisor then has 3 days to change the status to sold.


Want to avoid the wait time?

To avoid a wait time when entering and exiting the modify screen for one of your listings, you must exit the listing properly.

To do this use the "Cancel" button to close. There are two cancel buttons that need to be selected before exiting a listing. If you just click either one– it keeps the input/edit screen active until it times out (15 - 30 minutes).


Did You Know?

You can collaborate on documents in zipForm®. zipCommunity™ is your place for secured document sharing and collaborating with anyone you choose to invite into your Transaction. Discuss your contracts directly with your client(s) using the Live Chat feature located within zipCommunity™.

Here is a tutorial: https://youtu.be/gGoEPBdpFgQ

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