February's MLS Quick Tip Recap

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Here are February's MLS Quick Tips:


The Listing Participant shall ensure that listings shall not contain language which is offensive or is in violation of the Federal Fair Housing Act, as amended from time to time. MLS does have at least an obligation to review listings for potential discriminatory remarks and bring to the attention of the Participant. ~ NTREIS MLS Rules and Regulations Section 7.12


It is recommended to check the County Appraisal District versus Realist when comparing tax information to your listing while you are inputting your property into the MLS. The quickest way to access the CAD is as follows:

- Log into Matrix

- Select Links on your Navigation Bar

- Gain quick access to the CAD under

- County Tax Appraisal Districts


Did you know that there are certain characters that can cause you to experience a number of problems if used in NTREIS Listings? To avoid these problems, please do not use the following characters when naming prospects or custom reports; entering a media description, or anywhere when adding or editing a listing:

slashes (forward / or back \); double quotes (“) or pipes (|).

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