GDWCAR Members Performing Acts of Kindness

During last week’s Facebook Live we asked our members to share some “Acts of Kindness” that other agents and members were doing within our community.

Connie Swain let the Association know about Rhonda Thompson Jenkins of Keller Williams. Swain wrote, “My pastor’s wife is a GDWCAR REALTOR®. The two of them are hosting prayer time at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm on Facebook Live. It is so encouraging and I'm so very proud. Also, they are reaching out to all of their congregants to make sure everyone is OK.” Rebecca Ray and Tori Glazner let us know about REALTOR member, Dolores Reyes-Garcia. Reyes-Garcia wrote on her Facebook page, “We gave away 16 food baskets!!! It was a beautiful experience seeing how grateful people were when they received the food. I had tears in my eyes when I saw Arturo and Connie bringing me 5 very full baskets to help more people. Juanita Orozco donating money for a family that needed money to buy medicine. And many other people that called me so willing to help. My mom, she hasn’t been out all this time. But she wanted to be part of this. My husband making several trips to the store and helping me with everything 😍Thank you!!!” GDWCAR has also seen members like Jennifer Fowler, Chrissy Mallouf, and Johanna McDaniel supporting Denton ISD by helping deliver breakfasts and lunches, ensuring that students still receive meals during these times. Have you been doing good in your community? Performed an “Act of Kindness” in the last week? If so let us know in the comments and check off that square on our member engagement "Stop the Spread" bingo board.

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