January's MLS Quick Tip Recap

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Here are January's MLS Quick Tips:


Remine is a real estate platform that connects agents and consumers on a digital transaction journey. It is known for its very thorough layers that allows you to tap into the timeframe of home ownership, what homes are currently housing renters, and find out where the cash buyers are. Once you find out this information, you can send mailers directly to the properties for a small fee.


A Listing Participant shall report to the MLS any change in the status of a Listed Property, including final closing of sales and sale prices, within seventy-two (72) hours after such change of status occurs.

Failure to properly report a listing status change to GDWCAR MLS Service shall result in a $50 fine. ~NTREIS MLS Rules and Regulations Section 8.08


When you receive a Warranty Deed Violation, DON’T FRET, this is notifying the agent and the MLS Coordinator that this property was issued a deed through the CAD and is not updated in the MLS system as Sold. Even if you Cancelled the contract or just forgot to update your listing, hit the reply button and send a short explanation of why the property is not marked Sold in the system or the MLS Coordinator can assist you in closing your listing. Don’t wait too long because this can turn into a FINE notice if it is beyond the grace period.

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