July's MLS Quick Tips Recap

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Here are July's MLS Quick Tips:


98% of Real Estate agents find driving checks the worst part of a Real Estate transaction. With ZOCCAM they don’t have to. ZOCCAM streamlines the home buying experience by enabling the parties to securely send funds and documents to the title company and lender, as well as, authenticate the borrower’s identification. Check out the video below. You can also visit the site here: https://www.zoccam.com/


When a property has been permanently closed- Cancelled, expired, or sold, this represents the end of a listing agreement. If you wait over 30 days, get a new listing agreement and enter a new listing with the new list date 31 days after the old listing, the CDOM will reset to 0 and not tally the old listing. It is necessary to have a new listing agreement, enter a new listing, with a new list date 31 days after the old one has closed.


Are there other sites my listing can be distributed to outside of what is on my listing? If so, where? Yes, it is called ListHub! ListHub provides a reliable, accurate, and industry-friendly platform for publishers and online real estate news sources to connect with 66,000 brokers for the purpose of advertising their real estate listings.


REALTORS® Insurance Place allows NAR members to shop, compare, and enroll for insurance online. To get started, simply click “Get Quote”, or give NAR a call: 877-267-3752. You can also visit the website to view a list of all of the insurance options available to you: https://www.realtorsinsuranceplace.com/


You ever wonder if a course you’re taking will meet the Contracts Renewal Requirement, Wonder No More! View our calendar to check for upcoming contract courses now at: gdwcar.com/calendar *You must complete a minimum of 3 hours of Contracts coursework to meet the TREC requirement.

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