June's MLS Quick Tips Recap

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Here are June's MLS Quick Tips:


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The Texas REALTORS® Legal Department has created a number of model polices and addenda that cover copyright issues related to the creation and sharing of listing information and photographs. These forms help you reduce your risk of being subject to copyright infringement claims. You may choose to use one of the forms or all of them.

Watch: How Copyright Affects Real Estate https://youtu.be/YV6FEtNjxUM


As you know, your database or sphere of influence (SOI) is your greatest resource for future business and referrals. But the challenge is how do you reach out to and stay in touch with them without being annoying, pushy or coming off salesy? In this session, Alex will provide proven techniques, tools, and resources to help you increase your business by leveraging your existing base. Instructor(s): Alex Camelio

Watch: Double Your Sales without Prospecting https://reti.us/webinars/double-sales-wo-prospecting/


This online process helps prevent seller mistakes, limits agent liability, and saves a ton of time. Best yet, it’s free to use. Check out the video below. You can also visit the site here: https://sellersshield.com/home/agents/


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