UPDATE, 11/02/2020 3:20 PM CST · Matrix is accessible, but is taking an extremely long time to load. They are taking measures to stabilize the system and balance users across different servers.

Other products are available for performing searches. They advise against attempting any listing maintenance in Matrix until the system is stablized. UPDATE, 11/02/2020, 12:33 PM CST ·

Matrix is now available. The NTREIS website is not yet available.

Note, data feeds and mail servers are also down, so it will take some time for data providers to catch up on listing displays and for auto-emails to catch up.

Now accessible through SSO portal: https://ntreis.clareityiam.net/idp/login

11/02/2020, 8:46 AM CST · NTREIS is experiencing issues accessing systems in our NTREIS data center.  The website ntreis.net and the Matrix systems cannot be reached.  NTREIS is investigating.

All other systems are available: https://ntreis.clareityiam.net/idp/login

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