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Are you Car Care Aware? April is spring National Car Care Awareness Month and that means taking a few extra steps to ensure your vehicle is in good working condition for the seasons ahead. Not only could preventative maintenance save you both time and money, but it could also keep the air we breathe clean and you and your passengers safe on the roadway. 

Vehicle preventative maintenance includes making sure your check engine light is not illuminated, tires are inflated properly and have plenty of tread depth left, windshield wipers aren’t cracked or torn, and your fluids are all topped off. Discovering that your vehicle wasn’t prepared for the springtime showers can be dangerous, so plan ahead.

As spring quickly gives way to more intense summertime temperatures, ensuring that your cooling system is up to the task is important, as well. An overheated engine could not only leave you stranded but cost you substantially in repairs. Luckily, an engine will generally give you warning before disaster strikes, so keep an eye on the coolant level as well as the temperature gauge.

If you notice that the dreaded check engine light has appeared on the dashboard, don’t delay! Have it looked at by a qualified technician. Prolonging that repair could not only cost you more money in the long run, but is making your vehicle pollute excessively as well, affecting our regional air quality. In addition, you won’t pass your annual vehicle inspection. Stay safe and remember to be Car Care Aware! For more information on this regional air quality and vehicle safety initiative, visit

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