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Government Affairs

Advocating for You in Denton, Wise, & Montague Counties

Being a REALTOR® means you are automatically involved in politics. Private property rights are constantly challenged for revenue generation by local, state, and national governmental agencies. The GDWCAR leaders are the finest in Texas when it comes to private property protection.

Advocating for you

GDWCAR Government Affairs Committee is your voice!

GDWCAR enjoys the expertise of a well-tuned Government Affairs Committee with members of the committee highly involved in city, county, and state issue mobilization and resolution. In addition, many of our REALTOR® members have served or are currently serving at state-level committees to ensure our state legislators understand and vote to protect our private property rights.

There is no other organization that collectively stands and fights for private property rights, other than the REALTORS®. Be proud, as it has taken many years and the work many fellow REALTORS® to protect that right in North Texas.


When we ask you for a donation to TREPAC (Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee) it is to ensure we have the dollars to continue pursuing the protection of these rights. During the year we hold various auctions and fun activities so that we can contribute the funds to TREPAC because we know the costs of staying in business and it's worth it.

Corinth Mayoral Update

Texas REALTORS® Supports

Discover local candidates in local races who are backed by TREPAC.

Texas REALTORS® Political Advocacy

Together, the more than 120,000 members of Texas REALTORS® work to ensure a great environment for Texans to purchase, sell, and own real estate without unnecessary burdens and costs. Consumers can also join this effort!

NAR Political Advocacy

NAR supports the Fair Housing Act's requirement that new multi-family housing be accessible to persons with disabilities. NAR believes that any visitability policy should be defined as voluntary.

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