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Discover solutions to your MLS Questions! We highly recommend you bookmark this page for quick & easy reference.

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I need to update my contact information.

You can now update your contact information in the Growthzone Member Platform

For a third-party vendor to set up your website/IDX feed, they would navigate to the vendor site below. The info regarding the setup fee and monthly charge applies to the Vendor, not the agent. So, the design agency would need to fill in the vendor request and pay the fees if they wish to access the raw data/RETS feed.

The vendor will complete the agreement and email it to NTREIS –

The link for a vendor

Entered the wrong price & it is showing a price increase/decrease.

Send email to with the correct price.

How many days can a sign be displayed at a property before going on MLS?

One business day.

Any MLS Technical Issue

Contact NTREIS Tech Support at 1-888-440-3687. Tech Support is also available outside of GDWCAR hours (M-F 7 AM – 12 AM & S-S 10 AM – 10 PM)

Does MLS work on Mac?

Yes! You can use and access NTREIS from any major OS (Windows or Mac). Remember: on Mac, it's the Cmd key, not the Ctrl key.

How do I make the text bigger?

On Windows, press Ctrl and + to zoom in/enlarge the screen. Ctrl and - to zoom out/decrease the screen size.

On Mac, it's Cmd and + and Cmd and -, respectively.

Why did you send me a violation?

MLS Staff does not send out violations, Listing Data Checker automatically checks against the parcel ID. If the address used does not match what is assigned to the used parcel ID in Realist Tax, Violation! If the parcel ID is reported to the CAD under a Warranty Deed (Sold) and it is not marked Sold in the MLS, Violation! If the status is not changed within 72 hours as should, Violation! Anytime you would like to contest or request a change that you are unable to change (address), hit reply to request an update.

I entered the incorrect selling agent on my Closed listing.

Send an email to with the MLS#, the correct agent ID & name.

I’m trying to enter the selling agent, but it is not coming up.

If you click Roster and run a search with their Agent ID and it returns 0 matches, they are not an MLS Participant. You will enter 8 # 9s (99999999), same rule applies if an owner is representing themselves.

I have the wrong days on market when I list.

Send an amendment of listing to the MLS staff for GDWCAR to reset the list date.

Does DOM count in Coming Soon status?

No, “Hold” does not count DOM either.

How many days can a listing be in Coming Soon status?

30 Days. After 30 days, if it's not manually updated, it will be automatically set to "Hold".

Need help with Showing Time?

Contact Showing Time directly at 1-800-379-0057. Make sure to contact your office manager to verify if they have services set up through the office or each individual agent should set up their own account.

Need help with Broker Bay?

Contact Broker Bay directly at 1-800-547-0252 or email at Make sure to contact your office manager/broker to verify if they have services set up through the office.

By joining GDWCAR, what areas do I reach?

It’s not about areas, it is about membership. We have 15 Associations a part of a regional MLS (NTREIS) & all the members of these Associations have access to the listings in the MLS & can list wherever, depending on licensing. For example, if you are a member of an Association outside of NTREIS but would like to access properties in NTREIS you must join to view those properties in the MLS, not to view more properties in Denton.

What’s the difference between DOM & CDOM?

Days on Market tracks the days on the MLS# & Cumulative Days on Market tracks the days on the address used. Make sure to leave the property off of the market for 31 days to reset the CDOM. If not, it will carry over. DOM resets every time you assign a new MLS#.

What is Coming Soon, Incomplete, or any status meaning?

Check out the MLS Status Glossary for more info.

Data Checker violation is telling me to update my address, but I do not have access to change it.

Please reply to that violation and advise to update the address. Due to history purposes, you cannot make any changes to the address after 5 days of the initial list date.

I cannot find a field that used to be in the old system.

Submit the issue, MLS#/address, & screenshots, if capable, to to report it. You should receive a response on the issue or the new location of the field within the hour.

When trying to submit my listing, I received a warning pop up before submission.

If you attempt to submit your listings and a warning pops up, it is only verifying before submission. This will not prevent you from submitting the listing.

Realist Tax does not have correct information.

Anytime you have any discrepancies on Realist Tax email the address/MLS#, issue, and screenshots, if capable, to to report it. The discrepancy should be removed in the next week or so.

What form do I use for etc....?

As an Association, we do not provide broker advice or legal advice. If you are not sure what form to use or what route to take, make sure you check with your mentor, broker, or Texas Legal at 1-800-873-9155

Where do I report Clear Cooperation?

Submit Clear Cooperation. All reports are anonymous.

What is Clear Cooperation?

Another Agent Isn't Closing Out or Updating a Listing

Send an email with all the details and related documentation to Be sure to include the MLS#.

Why are my listings not being syndicated to sites? Zillow?

Make sure you select “Yes” from the drop-down field “Allow Internet Display” under the Remarks tab of your listing. Zillow is its own broker, but your listing should be included in their IDX Feed (You must sign up for a paid subscription through Zillow for rentals.)

Can I change my Active listing back to Coming Soon?

No, you would have to place it in the Hold status.

Can I search by school ratings in the MLS?

No, however, whatever you can't search in Matrix MLS, you can search under RPR (REALTORS® Property Resource) which is a one-stop-shop nationwide property database with comprehensive reports that includes school ratings feature.

MLS YouTube Videos

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