What Membership Means

As a REALTOR®, you understand the cost of doing business and the joys associated with helping others achieve their dreams. 

Greater Denton/Wise County Association of REALTORS® (GDWCAR) understands your needs and business requirements and we want to thank you for becoming a member of a thriving organization with the goal of member success!

We invite you to look over the information on our website to learn about the services and opportunities available at GDWCAR and the talented team of dedicated staff that will help you provide excellent service to your client.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to becoming a part of your successful business team!

Your Steps Towards Membership

Important Forms

Need Your NRDS #?

In order to access the GDWCAR Navica AMS, you must enter your National REALTOR® Database System ID (NRDS #) as your user name.

→ Look up your NRDS #


Long after a transaction is over, members of GDWCAR continue to capitalize on their business and personal lives by taking advantage of their membership benefits.

→ See the tools and resources available to you

SUBMIT a completed application and wait for a call from our Membership staff

REMIT the appropriate membership fees

COMPLETE the NAR Code of Ethics training (New Agents Only)
ATTEND the New Agent Orientation within 60 days of membership (New Agents Only)
GET INVOLVED with the Association through events, education, and committees

TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the benefits offered to you as part of your membership dues

Payment of Fees

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), check, or cash


Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), check, or cash


Credit Card or check (no cash)

Once initial payment is made to the Association, bill pay can be managed online through Navica AMS (Membership dues & MLS fees) and SupraWEB (Supra fees).

Membership Transfers

For current REALTOR® brokers or agents transferring from another REALTOR® Association, please note the following:

  • A Letter of Good Standing will need to be obtained from your former Association.
    This letter must verify that you have paid your Texas REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® dues for the current year. It must also list the date on which you attended the New Agent Orientation and the NAR Code of Ethics training.

  • If you have not previously attended a REALTOR® orientation, you must attend one within 60 days of joining GDWCAR.
    REALTORS® who have completed orientation shall not be required to complete further COE or orientation provided that REALTOR® membership has been continuous or that any break in membership is for one year or less. 

  • You must terminate your Supra key service with your former Association before it can be activated at GDWCAR.

→ Ready to transfer your membership to GDWCAR? Find the application here.