The  Greater Denton/Wise County Association of REALTORS® utilizes the NTREIS Regional MLS.  The purpose of the MLS is to encourage cooperation and compensation for MLS participants and subscribers. 


NTREIS your regional MLS (covering over 50,000 users), uses The Matrix platform to enter the Listing data for the sale of Real Property.  It provides detailed information to MLS users with respect to the property being sold.   

GDWCAR: 940-387-8212 · · (Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Central Time)
Matrix Technical Support: 1-888-440-3687 · · (Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 12:00 am, Central Time)

To access NTREIS, log in here:

GDWCAR MLS Coordinator

The MLS Coordinator is here to assist you with the Matrix platform, help correcting Listing Data Checker (LDC) violations according to the NTREIS Rules and Regulations.

You can easily contact the MLS Coordinator via email at

We do not offer legal or broker advice, however, you can always reach out to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) at 512.936.3000 or Texas Realtors Legal Hotline at 800.873.9155 for legal questions. 


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Phase-out of Areas and SubAreas

The decision was made over two years ago to remove Areas and SubAreas.  The reasons for doing so are many:

  • Area boundaries are subjective;  some are school boundaries which change, others are neighborhood or street boundaries

  • Area identifiers are not useful to consumers

  • The vendor that updated the geo boundaries for our area maps is no longer available for that service

  • Subjective area boundaries can be likened to the "redlining" maps of old and any suggestion of discriminatory steering has no place in the future of this industry

NTREIS has been encouraging the use of the digital mapping layers and custom shapes for searches - consumers have become comfortable with digital mapping and agents should use the same tools their customers use.  However, many statistics were based on area identifiers and they are embedded in several tools, so it has been a long process to get to this point where we can now phase them out.  These changes to be taken over the next 60-90 days.


What is MLS?
The acronym stands for Multiple Listing Service.
Why do I need MLS services?
This is the platform in which you will enter data for the listings your clients want you to sell.  It provides information to other MLS users as to the specifics of the property being sold.  It is where you will look for listings that your buyers want to purchase.  It is a venue for offering compensation to others for their representation of a buyer in the sale of real property.
How often do I pay MLS fees?
MLS Fees are always due before the first day of each calendar quarter.

Service fees for NTREIS MLS are paid on a quarterly basis through our GDWCAR Association Management Service (AMS) software at, using your username (NRDS # - 9 digits) and password. (Last Name with First letter Capitalized).
You will receive an email reminder, but it is your sole responsibility to remember this payment quarterly.

2022 MLS Fee Calendar

1st Quarter MLS Due December 31, 2022

2nd Quarter MLS Due March 31, 2022

3rd Quarter MLS Due June 30, 2022

4th Quarter MLS Due September 30, 2022

Why do I need to send in supporting documentation for an extension etc.? 

Having the documentation is for the protection of our members, as we do not want listings being altered without our members' written permission and it is against Association policy to update listings without documentation.  


Why am I getting a violation when this address is correct? 

Remember, you know more about your listing than the MLS Coordinator does, and the MLS Coordinator only knows what the system flags. Communication between the members and MLS Coordinator is ideal for us to handle these violations properly. 


The selling agent is outside of NTREIS, what do I enter for the SA license number? 

If the selling agent is not an MLS participant or subscriber of NTRIES then enter the following number for the SA #99999999. 

Who do I contact to update my contact information in Matrix? 

Fill out our Change of Contact and it will be updated in all systems.

Who is reporting my listing as "out of compliance"?

This information is anonymous and cannot be released. The best way to avoid “out of compliance” reports are to review your MLS Rules & Regulations to make sure your listing complies or contact your MLS Coordinator if you are unsure.

I took the correct avenues to set up my Teams for my office, why don’t I have access to certain listings? 

  1. Once your Team is registered in TREC, you can place your team in Matrix by sending in a Teams Form in with the members included along with their functions. Email this form to​.

  2. At this point every listing completed under the Team will have to be under the Team Leader, however, if team members have their own listings that you want to have access to "as a team" the listings will have to be transferred to the team leader. 

Can I search by school ratings in the MLS? 

No, however, whatever you can’t search in Matrix MLS, you can search under RPR (Realtors Property Resource) which is a one-stop-shop nationwide property database with comprehensive reports that includes school ratings feature. 

How long do I have to update my status in the MLS?

NTREIS MLS requires all updates within 72 hours of the change. Regarding Clear Cooperation, once advertised it must be listed in the MLS within 1 business day. Clear Cooperation video can be found here.


I want to use the Subdivided feature, which listing do I mark Subdivided? 

The main listing is marked “Yes” & the sub listings will all be marked “Subdivided”. 


What is List Hub? 

List Hub is the company NTREIS uses to syndicate the listings to various vendors/public sites. For more information, you can go the Links in Matrix and see what vendors/public sites are available. 

What is considered Real Property? 

The legal definition of real property is land, and anything growing on, affixed to, or built upon land. It is characterized as a property that doesn’t move or that is attached to the land. 

As a listing agent, how can I sell multiple properties in one listing if they are on the same lot with each having their own parcel IDS? For example, three single-family homes on one lot each having their own parcel IDs.  

If you plan to sell them together, here are the steps to make sure your listing complies with the MLS and does not flag the Data Checker System: 

  • Make sure each home is depicted in the photos and label them 

  • Select “Yes” under Multi Parcel (List one in the main parcel ID, another in the Additional parcel ID, & the remaining in the private remarks.  

  • Whatever parcel ID is listed in the main parcel ID field, make sure it is the address listed on the listing.  

  • Include that all the homes will be sold together in the property description & public remarks 

  • Make sure your sqft total is accurate. Always confirm with your broker on listing the sqft. Here are ways you can list the sqft: 

    •  You can list the main home sqft in the main sqft field, list the second & third home sqft in the property description & private remarks 

    • You can list the sqft together in the main sqft field and make it clear in the property description & private remarks that they are listed together by listing the total of each of the homes sqft separately. * I would caution about listing more than just the main home sq ft in the sq ft field - this could create liability for the Broker.  

    • You can list two bigger homes in the main sqft & use the Accessory Unit for one of the smaller homes and select “Other”. *Make sure the Accessory Unit SF is listed. 

The goal is to make sure there is clarity that the homes will be sold together.