New Agent Orientation

To fulfill your new member obligation and become a REALTOR®, you will be scheduled to attend a mandatory New Agent Orientation class and complete the Code of Ethics training within 60 days of submitting your membership application. Transferring members who have not completed the Orientation and Code of Ethics are also required to attend.

GDWCAR conducts New Agent Orientation & Contracts as a two-day learning experience.

Day One of orientation covers:

  • Induction

  • Anti-trust

  • Local, Texas REALTORS®, and NAR membership & benefits

  • Education & licensing

  • Introductory MLS Training

Day Two, often referred to as "Contracts", covers:

  • ​Day Two of New Agent Orientation reviews the most widely used TREC and TAR (including the One to Four Family Residential Contract) forms needed to conduct real estate transactions. Included are various sales contracts and a wide range of addendum. The course intent is to provide insight on the importance of using correct form(s) to ensure a successful transaction for the agent and client.

Code of Ethics

​The cornerstone of association membership is the training and commitment to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, as required by the National Association of REALTORS®. Discover your ethical duties to clients and customers, the public, and REALTORS®.

→ Must be completed prior to attending Orientation. To take NAR's free online version, click here.

For New Agent Orientation & Contracts Dates