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Rose Crawford Scholarship

GDWCAR is proud to serve students studying real estate through our Rose Crawford Memorial Scholarship.

We are open for Applications! Applications must be received in the GDWCAR office no later than 5:00pm on February 28th.

About the Scholarship

History of the Scholarship

In 1993, Rose Crawford was an integral component of a well-run association, serving as the MLS trainer. Rose always went above and beyond in all her duties. Rose's son, Josh Stoner, was a high school athlete and scholar, with a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Although they were both excited about the idea of college for Josh, they deemed it out of reach.

The GDWCAR Members rallied and with lobbying efforts from some very determined GDWCAR members Josh was accepted to Centenary. Everything he needed for dorm life was given by the membership. Bake sales and auctions were organized and held at association meetings. When a plea for funds for room and board went out at the beginning of each semester, cash poured in.

Tragedy struck. Rose died unexpectedly, and Josh was left without his mom and biggest supporter. He was a junior at Centenary, team trainer and outstanding student.

Our association came together to form The Rose Crawford Memorial Scholarship Fund and with the support of Centenary coaches, administration and GDWCAR, Josh Stoner earned his degree.

Fundraising Efforts

Scholarship funds are raised annually through our members' luncheon.


Applications must be received in the GDWCAR office no later than 5:00pm on February 28th. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure receipt.

The guidelines are available by clicking the button below.

Rose Crawford Memorial Scholarship Donors

Thank you to everyone who donated so today's students can have a brighter tomorrow!

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