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Local Market Stats May 2023

Local Market Stats for Denton, Wise, Montague, and Beyond – May 2023

By Sean Owen | June 12, 2023

Here’s a look at the Local Market Stats for Denton, Wise, and Montague counties for the month of May 2023. Housing Market Stats for our region release around the 9th of every month and are posted to our Stats page as well as on our Facebook and other social media channels.

“That’s Who We R” – A Look at NAR’s Ad Campaign

By Sean Owen | June 10, 2023

Have you seen NAR’s “That’s Who We R” national advertising campaign? According to NAR, this year’s That’s Who We R campaign works as hard you do to show the many ways REALTORS® are here to make the dream of property ownership a reality for your clients.

Supra Updates Coming This Summer

By Sean Owen | June 9, 2023

Supra will be introducing some very important updates shortly, including regarding how payments are handled. This article will highlight some of these changes.

Cancel MLS Listing

Cancel MLS Listing: I’m Trying To, But I Can’t Find the Option Anywhere

By Sean Owen | March 2, 2023

I’m trying to cancel MLS listing, but I can’t find the option anywhere. Where do I go? Should I place it on HOLD? Never use HOLD status in lieu of Cancelled. If someone wants to relist this property a month later anticipating that it was cancelled for a month, this will pull over the CDOM…

Mark My Listing Closed, However It Will Not Allow Me To Enter The Correct Contract Date

By Sean Owen | March 1, 2023

I need to mark my MLS listing as Closed; however, it will not allow me to enter the correct Contract Date and it keeps giving me an error message. Here is the error message: Dates matter! The MLS keeps track of your listing history, so when you place a contract date on the listing initially,…

How Can I Mass Email for Reverse Prospecting?

I Would Like to Send Out a Mass Email for Reverse Prospecting. How Can I Do That?

By Sean Owen | February 24, 2023

Not at this time. A request has been submitted to NTREIS to add this feature. (Status: Pending). If this is your first time hearing about reverse prospecting, here is a short video showing you how to pull this report. Click here.

Does the Association Provide IDX with the MLS Data?

By Sean Owen | February 22, 2023

Yes! Watch this short video here.  Need An Assist With MLS? Check out our MLS Resources Hub for helpful tools, support, resources, and more!

I Adjusted My Listing Price, Now It Is Showing An Increase/Decrease On My Listing. How Can I Fix That?

By Sean Owen | February 18, 2023

You would send a price adjustment request to Your subject line should read as follows:

Price Adjustment – MLS# – Updated Price

Make sure to submit the price adjustment immediately after you are aware of the error.

My Listing Has Expired, How Do I Get It Back on Market (Active) Once I Have An Amendment or New Listing Agreement?

By Sean Owen | February 17, 2023

Once expired, you will no longer have access to edit the listing. Note: You can update your listing before it expires, but if you update it ON the day the listing expires, it will still expire.

You have 72 hours to submit the amendment or listing agreement to to get it updated. After 72 hours, you must relist it with a new MLS#.

Untimely Status Change

What Happens When I Receive a “Untimely Status Change” Courtesy Notice from Data Checker?

By Sean Owen | February 13, 2023

Courtesy notices on “Untimely Status Change” are automatically sent via email by Data Checker to notify you to update your listing within 72 hours of the close/lease date. No action is required! It is only a notice.  Need An Assist With MLS? Check out our MLS Resources Hub for helpful tools, support, resources, and more!


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