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Being an informed REALTOR® is an advantage in the real estate industry.  The more you know about the current market conditions, city and county infrastructure, economic forecasts, MLS issues, and the law of real estate the better you can serve your clients.


One of the best ways to get involved in your local association here at GDWCAR is to join a committee.  All of the leadership throughout the REALTOR® community is volunteer-based.  This gift of time and talent can come in various forms.  Having a group of dedicated individuals who protect the association members is vital to our overall success.


Want to join a committee? Read over the duties and commitments described below and then fill out an application. 
GDWCAR will answer any of your questions or connect you to a Committee Chairperson.

Fill out and submit an application for one of these committees before June 10th to be considered.

Appointed & Elected Leadership


The Executive Committee is composed of the current year's Officers of the Association: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past President. The Executive Committee gives their recommendation on all matters that go before the Board of Directors. 
→ Click here to see our current Executive Committee


The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association.  They have the immediate charge and control of the affairs of the Association and serve the public’s interests as well as the Members’ interests. The BOD determines overall policies and make decisions that affect the operations of the Association. 

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The Finance Committee is required to meet monthly to review the financials of the association. Comprised of both standing and appointed positions, this committee proposes the annual budget and adjustments as required, conducts quarterly reviews of financial statements, analyzes the financial impact of proposed association programs, projects, capital expenditures requests, committee requests, and investment portfolios, making appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. Committee members should have an interest to serve in the capacity of working with standardized Financial Statements, accrual-based Profit & Loss Statements, and general budgets.

Chairperson · Lisa McEntire

Open Committees


A council of Affiliate members dedicated to providing volunteer leadership to support events, education, and programs to the members of GDWCAR.
Chairperson · Soroya LaMastra



This committee is responsible for planning two membership luncheons annually. Additionally, research and design a plan for designation courses for the Association’s members. This committee shall bring forth programs designed to increase professional competence, promote all educational activities, promote the designations offered by both State and National associations. The committee will encourage the membership to participate in the Texas REALTORS® institute courses. The committee will keep the membership informed of educational opportunities throughout the year. The committee shall educate members as to the benefits of earning a designation.
Chairperson · Karen Walls

SCHOLARSHIP SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Education Committee)

The Scholarship Committee is charged with reviewing the applications received for the GDWCAR Scholarship in Memory of Rose Crawford. They award recipients based on funds available and holds their annual fundraiser at a membership luncheon. They publicize the scholarship through the local universities and the GDWCAR website.

Click here for more information regarding The Rose Crawford Memorial Scholarship Fund and the scholarship application
Sub Chairperson · Pam Terronez

SUPER SUMMIT SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Education Committee)

The Super Summit Committee plans and evaluates the annual Super Summit event. They are charged with the coordination and promotion of the one-day education event that is meant to increase and enhance the professional education of members.
Sub Chairperson · Karen Walls

CONTRACTS SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Education Committee)

The Contracts Committee plans, sponsors, and reviews the Contracts educational program intending to increase the knowledge and professional competency of all members and new agents. Works with the Association members and affiliates to bring in a variety of live instructors and provide a full range of real estate knowledge and materials.
Sub Chairperson · Denise Tomor


The Government Affairs committee is charged with completing candidate interviews annually and reporting their finding to Texas REALTORS® as necessary. In addition, they monitor local city and county legislative agencies and bring forth any recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The Committee plans the “REALTOR® Day at City Hall” meeting and coordinates the “Texas REALTORS® Day at the Capitol” bus trip in alternating years. The Committee is responsible for disseminating data, following the progress of National and State, “Calls for Action” and informing the members via the newsletter, meetings, mixers, and website. The Committee encourages participation in National, State, and local governmental affairs in order to protect the rights of homeowners under the supervision of the Board of Directors and encourage active member participation in the Washington DC Legislative Meetings every May and other strategic events to assist in political advocacy.

Chairperson · Lisa McEntire

ISSUES MOBILIZATION SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Government Affairs Committee)

This sub-committee is responsible for reviewing political and governmental issues as they arise at the local level. They recommend action on policy to the Government Affairs Committee with the use of TREPAC issues dollars. This committee monitors local governing authorities to report on issues affecting the membership and property rights within the communities the association services.

Sub Chairperson · Barbara Russell

WISE COUNTY SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Government Affairs Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with monitoring Wise County legislative agencies.
Sub Chairperson 

INFRASTRUCTURE AND ROADWAYS SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Government Affairs Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with the investigation and research of city and county infrastructure and roadway growth.
Sub Chairperson · Rob Rayner

REALTOR® DAY SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Government Affairs Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with the planning and promotion of the REALTOR® Day events.
Sub Chairperson · Lisa McEntire


This committee is charged with reviewing and securing member benefits for the membership. They conduct an annual survey to help ensure the retention of members by reviewing and implementing programming with other committees. In addition, they review and promote Texas REALTORS® Benefits and NAR Benefit Program to the membership. The committee shall evaluate and examine ways to increase member satisfaction, and with the help and approval of the Board and Board of Directors, implement such ideas.


They act as the primary greeting entity for events in conjunction with other committees, provide greeters for the membership luncheons, and act as the ambassadors for the association at community events. Promotes the internal and external achievements of the organization and encourages and promotes attendance at Association related events and functions. Committee will work as a liaison between the Association and the local media to enhance the REALTOR® image.

Chairperson · Kristy Taylor

TOYS FOR TOTS SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Member Relations Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with coordination and promotion of the annual Denton County Toys for Tots holiday toy drive.
Sub Chairperson · Patricia Gonzalez


MIXERS SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Member Relations Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with the coordination and promotion of the Denton and Wise County Mixers, GDWCAR's quarterly social events.

PARTY WITH A PURPOSE SUB-COMMITTEE (Reports to Member Relations Committee)

This sub-committee is charged with the planning, coordination, and promotion of the annual Party with a Purpose event. This yearly event benefits a Denton County charitable organization.
Sub Chairperson · Tori Wilson


The GDWCAR User Committee Representative at NTREIS shall serve as the Chairman of the Local MLS Committee. The committee shall consist of seven (7) REALTOR® members. At least 3 shall be participants, co-owners, or managers. The remainder may be affiliated with participants. The Committee shall meet monthly or as necessary to assure the smooth operation of the service to the membership. The committee will review and suggest changes to the NTREIS MLS Rules & Regulations as suggested by NAR. and Texas REALTORS® with the approval of the GDWCAR Board of Directors. The committee is also charged with the investigation of alleged MLS rule violations and/or non-compliance through its administrative and hearing procedures as established in section 27.1 of the GDWCAR Rules and Regulations.

Chairperson · Beth Caudill



The committee shall plan and hold events to raise funds for TREPAC (Texas REALTORS® political action committee) while educating the members or the purpose of TREPAC and increasing political awareness among Association members. The committee shall work in liaison with the Governmental Affairs Committee. The chairman shall attend a statewide annual meeting on TREPAC fundraising at Association/Texas REALTORS® expense. The committee shall plan a program for an Association luncheon with an awards ceremony and fundraising goals report. The TREPAC fiscal year ends September 30th at which time the TREPAC chair will relinquish the position to new chairperson but continue to advise and guide through the end of the calendar year.

Chairperson · Tori Wilson

Task Force and Ad-Hoc Committee Descriptions


This task force is comprised of the immediate past recipients in all three categories and the active President. Their mission is to gather submissions, review with integrity, and to select a recipient annually for the following awards. Upon selection of the recipients, the Awards Taskforce shall gather the pertinent facts to support their selection for the awards presentation to be submitted to the Executive Officer no less than 4 weeks prior to the Installation Banquets and Awards Ceremony. Presenters at the Banquet shall be the prior year recipients for each award, and the President shall present Lifetime Achievement and the President’s Award.

REALTOR® of the Year, Affiliate of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award 

Bylaws Review

This committee is to review the Association Bylaws to assure their compliance with Texas REALTORS® and NAR guidelines; local, state, and federal law. This is to be done at least one time each year. When instructed by the Board of Directors, the committee will draft proposed changes in the Bylaws and present to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee will, in conjunction with any/all committees, monitor and edit the Association Policy Procedures Manual for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.

Chairperson · ​Rob Rayner


This Committee selects interviews and recommends candidates for Officers and Directors positions for the annual election. Nominating Committee Members cannot be nominated for office during their term on this Committee. This committee is charged with notifying potential candidates, ensuring compliance requirements, receiving and screening application, and interviewing. Upon completion of the nominated slate, and ratification by the Board of Directors, they deliver a congratulatory letter with basic instructions to the candidates. The committee is appointed in accordance with the Bylaws by the President and approved by The Board of Directors. The committee may have its first meeting any time after the committee has been approved by the Board of Directors.


The committee’s final decision should be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee is to select one (1) candidate for each office, and one (1) candidate for each place to be filled on the Board of Directors of the Greater Denton/Wise County Association of REALTORS®. The committee shall give its final report to each REALTOR® member of the Association at least 30 days prior to the annual election.

Chairperson · ​Tori Wilson


Designed to ensure that the election of officers and directors is completed and certified in accordance to Texas REALTORS® and GDWCAR Bylaws requirements.

President Appoints Committee

Ready to get involved?

GDWCAR Committee Applications

After you have read over the duties and commitments described above you can fill out an application. GDWCAR will answer any of your questions or connect you to a Committee Chairperson.
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Are you ready for leadership?

GDWCAR Leadership Applications

Leadership at GDWCAR is a great way to ensure that your association is serving the interests of its members and you can be an active part of the process. Volunteers are the infrastructure of all REALTOR® associations, whether local, state or national. It all starts your local association where we value your input and need your voice.

To be on the Board of Directors you must have first served on a committee or taskforce at any time previously at any REALTOR® Board of Membership.

To be an Officer on the Executive Committee you must have first served on the Board of Directors at any time and at any REALTOR® Board of Membership.

To be on the Finance Committee your service will be by Presidential Appointment.
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State and National Opportunities

Serve on a state or national committee and help shape the direction of your Association of REALTORS®.

Texas REALTORS® Committee Involvement

National Association of REALTORS® Committee Involvement