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Supra: Releasing June 22: Major Changes to Supra

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 22nd, Supra will be rolling major changes to it’s systems! These include how your payment information is handled and how Keyholder set up is completed.

You can learn more about these updates by clicking here.

Supra Payment Changes

You will now be to manage your billing info, update your card on file, check your balance, setup or manage payments, and pay Supra directly from the App! No more needing to call us or Supra if you need to update your card.

GDWCAR Staff cannot change, charge, or view the credit/debit card that you use with Supra.

Due to this change, staff will no longer be able to see, edit, or access your card and billing info. We can guide on how to do these things yourself; however, we can’t change your billing info nor can we see the card number you’re using.

Click Here to See How To Manage Supra Payments

Setting Up Your eKEY is Easier Than Ever

The process for getting an eKEY is now simplified! You will now be able to activate your eKEY anytime from the app without needing to call our office.

New agent or New eKEY user?

Make sure you install the Supra eKEY app BEFORE calling our office.

Staff can still assist with setup; however, eKEY users will need to add their payment info on the app in order to complete set up as Staff can no longer manage your cards or payment or billing info.

When You’re Ready To Get Setup

New users will receive a special Invitation Email from Supra with quick instructions and next steps. They will have 5 days to complete set up.

This email will contain a link that will open the app (if already installed) as well as an auto-generated PIN (which can be changed anytime).

Once clicked, they will be taken to a screen to set up their billing info. Once payment is received, their new eKEY will activated!

Have questions?

GDWCAR and Supra are here to help!

You can call our office Mon – Fri from 8:30am – 5pm at 940-387-8212.

Supra can be reached 7 days a week 5:00am – 7pm Pacific Time at 1-877-699-6787.

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